Easing the College Application Process: Solomon Admissions Consulting

August 18, 2018
Because there is a whole lot of competition involved, gaining admission to the most elite colleges in the country can be an enormously difficult and intimidating process. Worse, it is destined to become more so every year. The reason is simple; a degree from a school like Stanford, Yale or Harvard can lead to an increase in a person’s earning power to the tune of millions of dollars over a career. That makes admission to the best schools a desirable goal for millions of students, even though there may only be a few thousand openings available.

This competition is a key reason more students are turning to experts, like the professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting, to help them through this grueling process. The fine professionals at Solomon are former admissions counselors themselves, and they go through everything with a fine tooth comb. They know what makes student essays, teacher recommendation letters, activity sheets, addenda, and even interviews effective and they can make sure they all support the positioning strategy that is best for the school. They also know how to make an admissions packet stand out from the thousands of other prospective students applying to these schools, all of whom will have excellent academic credentials.

The Professionals at Solomon Admissions Consulting Can Get You In

February 12, 2018
The professional admissions counselors at Solomon Admissions Consulting will work with their student clients to emphasize their individual attributes over those of all other individual applicants because that is what is necessary. Gaining admission to the right college and the right program can mean millions of dollars in earnings over the course of a student during their working life, which makes getting into a top college, like Stanford, Harvard, Yale or many other elite schools, very important for the careers of a great many people.

The fact is, such schools are constantly tightening admissions standards, thus making the admissions process very difficult and challenging. They have to, because hey receive so many applicants and they only have so much space. Acceptance into an elite university will always come down to the ability to market each individual and, based on most reviews of Solomon Admissions Consulting reviews, they seem to have the instincts and the experience needed to help any prospective student market themselves in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd.